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I just received my 40 years old Yashica Mat 124G and I'm ready to experiment with this little beauty ! Ok, it's not as clean and classy as a Rolleiflex, but that's a start :)
I had to do some calibration in order to compensate for the deficient exposure cell... we'll see if that'll work.

The first film is in the chamber and I went around my place to push the trigger 3-4 times. I can't wait to develop them and see if some magic happens...

So stay tune for new pictures next week !
Hey guys !

I recently had my second DD, so first of all I'd like to thank everybody for their nice comments and for following me here.
Here is the DD :
Bleeding and healing. by LeMatos

For those of you who have an active blogging or publishing life, we can stay in touch on the other networks too :
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And check out more pictures on Flickr :…

I'll soon have more project oriented shots on which I can't say much for now, but for a starter I'll be working on motion and movies... We'll see what will grow from this :)

Take care buddies !
Moved from Lyon to Rennes. It seems to be a very cultural city with a lot of things happening and festivals.
Hope to find here a suitable place for my inspiration !
Back from holidays, a new year start. Quit my job, change city... hopefully will get some time and inspiration !
Take care guys.