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Urban Abstraction #13 by DpressedSoul

This is a fine piece of photography. Minimal in its construction and geometrical oriented.

Pros : the composition is well balanced, bringing an odd (mathematicaly) symetry (left stairs/right stairs) ; the contrast is very good and the deep (especialy in the shadows) and the texture of the back wall is intense ; the two yellow bands bring some internal boundaries.

Cons : I guess the picture was not taken 100% parallel to the back wall (view turned to the left), leading to a slight perspective impression that leaves me a small regret ; the time of the day might be a little too early/late : I think a bit longer shadows might add even more depth to the picture (especialy on the right stairs where they're absent), also the left hand yellow band is a bit in a highlight at the end, I think a more uniform lighting (like the right-hand one) would leave a better aesthetic.
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DpressedSoul Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much for taking the time to write this critique. :)

You have a point with the lights and shadows. I have to admit that this picture was taken spontaneously while I was on my way to the museum. It was in the noon-day sun and the heat in Vienna was almost unbearable at that time. I tried my best to take care of composition and lighting, but in the end it was just a quick freehand shot before the soles of my shoes began to melt on the hot asphalt. :D
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